Indoor Plants in your Workplace Clean the Air

Toxins are in your workplace!

Indoor air quality is fast becoming an important issue. Workplace environments have many problems caused by the toxic gases given off by your furnishings and fittings e.g. carpets, furniture, drapes etc as well as problems associated with air conditioning and other office equipment. This is referred to as "Sick building syndrome" and it contributes to the increase in staff suffering minor ailments such as fatigue, headache, sore and dry throats, coughs etc resulting in lost production and increased sick days. It also reduces production rates.

Many different research projects have shown that placing live indoor plants in buildings significantly enhances the air quality including the level of humidity. Staff sick days are reduced and levels of productivity increased. Different types of workplaces have been included in the studies and the results are very encouraging.

We can create a healthier environment for people to work in and visit.

Placing indoor plants in the workplace is a cost effective way to increase staff productivity and reduce sick pay. It also sends the message "I care about my employees, clients and other visitors". Your business will benefit!

The Dutch government regulated that from September 2003 plants are required in offices - because research has shown that live indoor plants increase the health of workers and therefore their productivity also increases.

You cannot afford to miss out. Indoor plants should be part of your overall strategy to make your workplace a healthy and pleasant place to work in and visit.

Sick building syndrome

Many of us spend much of our working hours indoors. The quality of the air inside is often worse than outside. The presence of VOC's (volatile organic compounds) is the result of our change to more energy efficient workplaces. We now have sealed environments with harmful gases being given off by the furninshings and equipment present. High levels of these toxins give rise to sick building syndrome.

Live indoor plants are great air filters removing these harmful substances and increasing the qualty of the air resulting in healthier and more productive employees.

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Make the change to a healthier workplace.

Your business will benefit from our complete indoor plant hire and maintenance serivice. The results may suprise you. Your staff will not only feel better they will be healthier!