Lease Office Plants

Indoor plants benefit your business- slash costs and increase productivity

Live indoor plants clean the air reducing toxins and increasing the health of your staff. Many of our workplaces suffer from poor air quality due to the effect of toxins from furniture,fittings and equipment. NASA research has shown live plants significantly improve the quality of air and other studies report reductions in sick pay and increased productivity when indoor plants are introduced into the workplace.

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Hire and maintenance of indoor plants.

Your business will always prosper when you concentrate on doing what you are good at - that is why your indoor plants will also prosper when you hire us to supply and maintain your interior plantscape. We know it is important for the well being of your business for us to keep the indoor plants healthy and looking great! Our qualified plantscapers are empowered to make decisions about your plants, to keep up with any changes in your workplace.

Indoor plants will help your staff be more productive - fewer sick days and more healthier days!

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