Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants increase productivity and save you sick pay!

Live Plants significantly reduce sick pay

5 reason to have live indoor plants in your workplace…….

Introducing live indoor plants in your workplace will have a positive effect on your profits. More and more research is demonstrating that placing plants in an indoor environment not only has a positive psychological effect upon workers but live indoor plants are also great air purifiers.

Ailments such as headaches, dry and itchy throats, irritated eyes and fatigue are common in many workplaces and these symptoms can be reduced by the use of live indoor plants in your business. Plants also assist in maintaining the humidity at a more comfortable level for your staff, clients and other visitors.

Installing indoor plants should be part of your overall strategy to maximise staff productivity. The increased levels of comfort, the improved physical environment and the effect on overall health will give you a positive return on your investment. There have been moves by the Dutch government to implement a strategy for the compulsory use of plants in offices - they have recognised the positive impact that live plants have in office buildings in particular.

NASA has been conducting research into the air-purifying effects of plants and has shown that there are significant health benefits from the presence of plants in enclosed environments. A recent Norwegian study showed that absence from work due to illness could be reduced from 15% to 5% when indoor plants are introduced into the workplace.

Your business will benefit when you introduce indoor plants into your office or other work environment.

Carripook offers a full service of interior plantscapes and our plantscapers are horticulturally trained. The plants are completely maintained by our plantscapers and any problem that might occur will be attended to within 48 hours. We do all the work and you enjoy all the benefits!

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