About Us

Carripook is .......

...experienced. Plantscapers for more than 30 years..

We've learnt from experience. We know what works and what doesn't. We know what's possible and what isn't. We know what's functional and what is not...and all our service team are horticulturally qualified.

Not only experienced, but passionate.

Ask any gardener, not the most well paid industry... we do it because we love it! Our enthusiasm is free, innovative, (and catching).

Experienced, passionate,..and professional.

Our focus is to offer you the best service possible via correspondence, staff, plants, design, service, initiative,absolutely everything.

Experienced, passionate, professional,and proactive.

If ever we make mistakes, we acknowledge them, then rectify them promptly, and then we change our system to ensure it doesn't recur. Regular surveys and audits give you more influence over the service you receive.

Experienced, passionate, professional, proactive,and ethical.

Because we sell indoor air cleaners (the plants) you would expect us to be green. We are. We don't spray dangerous chemicals in your office space. And ethical, because we feel that if you aren't happy with our service you have the right to cancel. Therefore no contracts.


Any problems? We'll be there, if not that day, then the next, to resolve them. Guaranteed response times within 48hours

and Safe.

Your site is assessed for any health and safety issues. We are proactive about health and safety and willingly participate in extra trainings and inductions to help us maintain our safety vision of NO injuries to anybody!...ever

We rely on your satisfaction to ensure our growth.