How to make an office garden

An office garden is similar to a domestic garden but is located within the grounds of an office building. Usually office gardens will be situated close to the entrance to the building so that employees can take full advantage of them when entering and exiting the building. Likewise, office gardens may be situated in a position that can be easily seen from within the office itself, thereby enabling the garden to be viewed when employees look out of the windows. Such gardens create an attractive working environment for employees and clients alike and also create a healthier working environment. Carripook office gardens Melbourne can help businesses with the creation of an office garden.


Carripook specialise in office gardens Melbourne, creating attractive and well planned external gardens for a wide variety of businesses. With many years experience in the creation of office gardens, Carripook is able to produce gardens in a wide variety of shapes and styles, and liaise closely with the clientele to create a tailor made solution. The assistance of such a company can be invaluable in creating and maintaining an attractive office garden for the years to come.

Carripook office gardens Melbourne not only provide a service that will enable businesses to create an office garden, but they also provide a service that will ensure that it is sustainable for many years to come. The company offers a maintenance and watering service which will ensure that the plans are always in the very best of health to ensure that the garden is as attractive as it possibly can be. This means that businesses do not need to take on the responsibility of maintaining the plants, this can be left to Carripook, who have much experience in the creation and maintenance of office gardens.

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How to maintain office plants

Indoor plants look wonderful in an office setting and offer many benefits including an attractive office space and many health benefits. However, the main drawback comes from the care and maintenance that indoor plants require. If plants are not maintained and watered they can become unattractive, especially when wilting, therefore negating having plants in the first place. Nevertheless, office plants need not be maintained by company employees, thus not using up valuable time and resources. Carripook offers a package that involves both plant hire and maintenance, thus removing the need for in-house plant care.


By taking advantage of plant hire and maintenance, companies can have peace of mind that their plants will be well looked after and cared for to ensure that the display is always attractive and well watered. Neither the company nor the employees will have to worry about the maintenance and the watering of the plants as this would all be done by Carripook. The plant hire and maintenance company will also arrange the plants in a way that is suitable for the office, taking into account many interior design principles. Moreover, plants would be replaced or supplemented when appropriate to ensure that the indoor office plants are always looking at their best. Once Carripook plant hire and maintenance is selected, they will do the rest!

Indoor office plants offer companies many advantages, particularly in the way of enhancing the appearance of office space and creating a healthy working environment. However, businesses may choose not to purchase indoor plants due to maintenance and watering implications. However, by using Carripook for all plant hire and maintenance requirements any business can enjoy all the benefits of having indoor plants within the office space without any of the disadvantages associated with maintenance and watering.

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How to convert your office into a green building

Melbourne Green Buildings

Green Buildings Melbourne

There are many concepts that are promoted to improve the office environment but few are better than the use of indoor plants which can convert offices into green buildings. The advantages of making use of indoor plants are numerous and far reaching from creating an attractive environment for employees and clients alike to creating a healthier, more productive environment. Simply by hiring plants for the indoor office environment these advantages can be achieved along with many more.

Green buildings which take advantage of the aesthetic appeal offered by indoor plants are a more pleasant working environment for employees and clients alike. Simply by making the work place more attractive, indoor plants can also have a noticeable effect on employees, improve employee happiness and ensure that employees have more energy and are more productive.

Moreover, green buildings can have an impact on clients as they will notice the healthy, productive environment and enjoy the pleasant surroundings of the buildings. This may perhaps make a difference in attracting business from clients as they may well be impressed by the company’s attention to detail and its interest in the welfare of its employees.


Most importantly, indoor office plants create green buildings due to their qualities that benefit the health. Indoor office plants are highly efficient air cleaners which remove harmful toxins within the office environment, which are produced by furnishings and equipment. Through their natural processes indoor plants neutralise such toxins, removing them from the atmosphere, creating a healthier working atmosphere. The result is often happier, more productive employees but also fewer sick leave days taken. The advantages of using indoor office plants to create green buildings are considerable and far reaching, providing benefits for the business, employees and clients.

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How Indoor Plants Can Make Your Office Toxin Free

Unknown to many, office spaces are actually extremely toxic spaces with numerous chemicals and toxins present within the atmosphere. The most common toxin is carbon dioxide which is produced by every employee within the building simply by breathing. Moreover, furnishings and equipment also produce toxins which are potentially harmful to the health of employees. For a business in an industrial setting the dangers of toxins are even higher with the presence of heavy machinery and vehicles. However, indoor plants Australia can do much to cancel out the effect of these toxins and create a healthier working atmosphere.

Indoor Plants Hire Melbourne

Indoor plants, Dandenong, are effectively natural air filters which can be placed around the office. Through the natural process of photosynthesis indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide and many other toxins, and produce oxygen as a by-product. Not only do the plants remove the toxins but they also create a product which ensures a healthier working environment. The creation of such an environment can ensure happier, more productive employees who will require fewer sick leaves. However, the advantages of indoor office plants do not end there…

Indoor office plants also create an attractive office space that can be enjoyed by employees and clients alike. An attractive office space may increase the level of contentment within employees and again lead to greater productivity and job satisfaction. Moreover, indoor office plants may make a genuine impression on clients visiting the office and they may be impressed by the healthy, attractive working atmosphere, and the attention to detail and concern for employees demonstrated by the company. Indoor plant hire Melbourne can help businesses to create a working environment that is not only healthy and toxin free but also attractive and enjoyable to be in.

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