Carripook Melbourne

Creating a wonderful place for you to work

Proud Member of the Green Building Council of Australia

Carripook is a long term respected member of the Green Building Council of Australia. Carripook hire and maintain indoor plants for businesses in Melbourne and its suburbs and we also provide a maintenance service for external corporate gardens.

Live indoor plants are water efficient air cleaners removing harmful toxins given off by furnishings and equipment, as well as creating a pleasant place to work in and visit..

Your plantscape will have a positive impact on your clients and visitors as well as increasing productivity, reduce sick leave and give you happier employees. Indoor plants add a noticeable energy to the workplace. We take care to use the most appropriate plants with reference to form, shape, size and Feng Shui principals.

Indoor plants should be part of your overall strategy to maximise staff performance.

Carripook are 100% committed to providing you with healthy live indoor plants as well as a first class watering and maintenance service. There are no contracts and your interior plantscape can be varied at any time.

When you hire plants from us, we do all the work you simply enjoy the benefits. The results of having live indoor plants will suprise you! Bringing the garden indoors creates a wonderful place in which to work.