How to maintain office plants

Indoor plants look wonderful in an office setting and offer many benefits including an attractive office space and many health benefits. However, the main drawback comes from the care and maintenance that indoor plants require. If plants are not maintained and watered they can become unattractive, especially when wilting, therefore negating having plants in the first place. Nevertheless, office plants need not be maintained by company employees, thus not using up valuable time and resources. Carripook offers a package that involves both plant hire and maintenance, thus removing the need for in-house plant care.


By taking advantage of plant hire and maintenance, companies can have peace of mind that their plants will be well looked after and cared for to ensure that the display is always attractive and well watered. Neither the company nor the employees will have to worry about the maintenance and the watering of the plants as this would all be done by Carripook. The plant hire and maintenance company will also arrange the plants in a way that is suitable for the office, taking into account many interior design principles. Moreover, plants would be replaced or supplemented when appropriate to ensure that the indoor office plants are always looking at their best. Once Carripook plant hire and maintenance is selected, they will do the rest!

Indoor office plants offer companies many advantages, particularly in the way of enhancing the appearance of office space and creating a healthy working environment. However, businesses may choose not to purchase indoor plants due to maintenance and watering implications. However, by using Carripook for all plant hire and maintenance requirements any business can enjoy all the benefits of having indoor plants within the office space without any of the disadvantages associated with maintenance and watering.

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